Fano Jazz By The Sea 2012 – 2016

Fano Jazz By The Sea, 2012

Also at Fano Jazz By The Sea 2012 the tradition of the Golena del Furlo concert continues. The festival is divided between three very particular locations, geographically separated, but all aimed at enhancing the territory not to tie the festival exclusively to the sea: the Roman Theater of Gubbio, the Malatesta Court in Fano, and the aforementioned Golena del Furlo in the territory of Acqualagna. Just at the Roman Theater of Gubbio, to remember the performance of Noa.

Locations: Gubbio Teatro Romano, Corte Malatestiana, Acqualagna Golena del Furlo

Artisti: Noa – Brad Mehldau – Ray Gelato – Mike Stern – Dee Dee Dridgewater – Paolo Fresu & Olmar Sosa – Brian Blade – Victor Bailey

Anteprima di Fano Jazz by the sea 2012 al Teatro Romano di Gubbio

Fano Jazz By The Sea, 2013

2013 is a very special year for Fano Jazz By The Sea. The festival is indeed at risk due to budget cuts by the administration. Fano Jazz Network, together with citizens and supporters outside the city of Fano are fighting to not “die” the festival, which in summer ’13 should implement its 21st edition. A petition is launched on, thanks to which (with over 1500 signatures) the administration decides to allocate funds to the festival, allowing it to take place.

Fano Jazz By The Sea 2013 will be an absolute level edition, with the likes of Chichiro Yamanaka and Trilok Gurtu. After so many difficulties, such a success gives the organization ever greater awareness of the cultural importance of the event.

Locations: Marina dei Cesari (Porto Turistico Fano), Centro Storico, Chiesa San Leonardo, Chiesa San Francesco, Corte Malatestiana, Acqualagna Golena del Furlo

Artisti: Chihiro Yamanaka – Brecker Brothers – Michel Camilo – Trilok Gurtu – Wollny & Schaefer – Fabrizio Bosso – Vana Gierig Paquito D’Rivera – FunkOff

Fano Jazz By The Sea, 2014

2014 sees again for the last time the location of Marina dei Cesari at the Porto Turistico of Fano, one of the historical settings for performances related to Fano Jazz By The Sea. To remember the performance at the Corte Malatestiana by Paolo Fresu and Daniele Di Bonaventura .

The 2014 festival will be remembered as the edition from which, after the dangers of the previous year, it will no longer be possible to make mistakes, aiming to make the festival more and more an excellence at a national and international level.

Location: Centro Storico, Corte Malatestiana, Cinema Politeama, Marina dei Cesari (Porto Turistico Fano), Acqualagna Golena del Furlo, Lungomare Lido

Artisti: Paolo Fresu – Fred Wesley – Irit Dekel – Brian Auger – Danilo Rea – Martux_M – Richard Bona – Fabrizio Bosso


Fano Jazz By The Sea, 2015

In 2015 Fano Jazz By The Sea returns to the location of the Rastatt Amphitheater, which will be the location for several performances. Next to this setting we find the most recent exterior of the Golena del Furlo, but also a novelty, with the location of Corte Sant’Arcangelo in Fano. There will be over 9 thousand appearances for the various performances for an edition of Fano Jazz By The Sea that, in the words of Adriano Pedini, will certainly be among the best of the entire history of the festival.

Among the performances to be remembered are undoubtedly those of the opening of the festival of The Bad Plus and Joshua Redman at the Amphitheater Rastatt.

Location: Anfiteatro Rastatt, Acqualagna Golena del Furlo, Corte Sant’Arcangelo

Artisti: The Bad Plus – Joshua Redman – Marius Neset – Michel Portal – Vincent Pierani – Paolo Fresu – Uri Caine – Dobet Gnahorè – Raul Midon – Enrico Rava – Stefano Di Battista – Eivind Aarset – Troker

Fano Jazz By The Sea, 2016

The 2016 edition of Fano Jazz By The Sea has seen, after several years (last time in 2005), the return of the festival in Piazza XX Settembre, which will be the location of the opening concert of the event with the memorable performance of Noa. After years the festival will return to one of the most culturally significant places in the city of Fano, the Teatro della Fortuna, in a highly international edition, with artists (beyond Noa) of the caliber of Kenny Garrett and Roberto Gatto.

Memorable performance at the Furlo Golena of No Bs! Brass.

Location: Piazza XX settembre, Teatro della Fortuna, Corte Sant’Arcangelo, Acqualagna Golena del Furlo

Artisti: Noa – John Scofield / Brad Mehldau / Mark Guiliana – The Yellowjackets – Volcan Trio – Kenny Garrett – Phronesis – Lars Danielsson – Roberto Gatto – No Bs! Brass

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