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Jazz Music in summer is Fano Jazz By The Sea

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1993 – 2018

26 Years in Jazz

The Sustainable Festival

Live the Green Jazz Village


Fano Jazz by the Sea is not only Music! Art, cinema, books, food, wine experience, handcrafts, didactic workshops and many other activities in the Jazz Village.

Discover the Green Jazz Village

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Live Fano and its surroundings during the Festival

Music, Sea, History, Culture, Traditional Cuisine and many other things to find out. Discover Fano and the magnificent Le Marche territories to live at its best Fano Jazz by the Sea and your summer.

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If you are under 25 years old and you want to bring a friend to the festival (must be under 25 years old) you can do it with only 1 euro more. Your will get a reduced price ticket and your friend will pay only 1 euro.