Fano Jazz by the Sea History

History of the Jazz Festival “Fano Jazz by the Sea”

Fano Jazz by the Sea was born after a partnership between the Councilorship of Tourism of the City of Fano and the Umbria Jazz Association, as an appendix “seaside” of the most prestigious jazz festival in Italy and in the years 1991-’92 will be called precisely “Umbria Jazz by the Sea”.

After two years the association with Umbria Jazz was interrupted, but the conviction had already come that a jazz festival in Fano not only represented a novelty and a wealth, but that was in perfect harmony with a musical ferment that has always been rooted in the territory. So in 1993 the festival officially reborn as “Fano Jazz By The Sea”, and in the same year comes to life thanks to some Fano musicians the association Fano Jazz, which will give a significant turn to the festival. From this moment, in fact, the Fano administration will entrust the association with the technical and artistic management of the Festival. Under the artistic direction of the Fano Jazz Network president, Adriano Pedini, the festival begins to take on a physiognomy and its own design, which has remained so until today, which will lead it, driven by continuous growth, to be according to the specialized press one among the best Italian jazz festivals, a festival able to represent jazz music in all its most contemporary aspects.

1991, Umbria Jazz by the Sea all’Anfiteatro Rastatt.

The participation of artists who have made and make the history of jazz and the massive presence of a competent and transversal public, make the festival capable of interpreting and satisfying the needs of culture and entertainment, making it an irreplaceable appointment for the summer of Fano.

Fano Jazz by the Sea has grown in recent years to have the support and recognition of the Marche Region, which has called it the central review of a system for the promotion and promotion of contemporary music, placing it in a strategic role to polarize interest and curiosity and to make the Marche Region known and loved.

Also international magazines such as the French Jazz Hot and the American DownBeat (the most prestigious jazz magazine in the world), and prestigious newspapers such as London The Sunday Times include Fano Jazz by the Sea as one of the most important European festivals.

Fano Jazz by the Sea, thanks also to the rooting in the social fabric given by the overall activity of Fano Jazz Network, is therefore a wealth for the whole territory, an event that is a reference point for a myriad of musical, tourist and cultural activities that interact with the event.

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