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Osteria del Caicco – Fano

14 April 2016 @ 21:30


Presentation of the Pisces crisis album

Ersilia Prosperi, compositions, trumpet, flugelhorn, ukulele, voice – Luca Venitucci, piano, fender rhodes, hammond B-3, voice – Martina Fadda, main voice – Sabrina Coda, alto sax, soprano saxophone, voice – Christiano Fabritiis, drums, kalimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, voice – Claudio Mosconi, bass, voice –
Special Guest Amy Denio – voice, alto sax, lyrics

The Sardinian word Ou means egg and to hatch it is an ensemble equally divided between three Sardinian girls and three Roman boys. The sextet then laid out a nice lunch with a cheerleading and playful jazz that wanders between the ages and categories swing, avant, brass, folk and so on, to realize them was the American Amy Denio, an out-rock musician and experimental, already in the past with several projects including the monumental Tone Dogs, who strongly wanted them in his Seattle to record the record and produce, for his label Spoot Music. In “Pisces Crisis” the important past experiences of each musician (from the most heterodox avant-garde music, passing through pop and rock) find their place perfectly in the twelve episodes of an album made of many arty shades, but also colorful and dynamic in the pop sense, in its most positive sense. Piano, woodwinds, drums and the rest are well integrated with each other, accompanying the play of voices of various musicians, when it is not the ringing shrug of Martina Fadda to be a protagonist. In the Ou, the Latin-Mediterranean warmth is perfectly met with the research of the American school of which their “godmother” Denio is a valiant exponent: the Ou seem to be exponents of an ideal jazz-pop in opposition.



14 April 2016




Via Arco D'Augusto, 53
Fano, Italia
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