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Edmar Castaneda & Gabriele Mirabassi Duo

Teatro M. Tiberini – San Lorenzo in Campo

16 March 2019 @ 21:15 - 23:00

Saturday 16 March 2019, 9.15 pm – San Lorenzo in Campo, “M.Tiberini” Theater

Concert realized in collaboration with the Municipality of San Lorenzo in the Department of Culture

Edmar Castaneda & Gabriele Mirabassi Duo

Gabriele Mirabassi, clarinet
Edmar Castaneda, harp

Two virtuosos of their instruments but they are anything but competitions of virtuosity. They use their artistic treasure, made up of years of profound study to create music, which is not so obvious. They start the concert with almost aquatic sounds, a suggestive and suspended introduction, and then they enter the living of their beautiful performance.

Already in the first passage we understand that the harp of Castaneda is ethereal but if you listen to it well it is also structuring: among the thousand notes there is a fixed one that returns rhythmically and that outlines the controtempts. Beautiful are the arabesques of notes that are intertwined between harp and clarinet, just as their unison is beautiful.

Castaneda in just sounds its religious fervor, in an inspired but also sanguine, the chord’s string that plays the fundamentals of the chord is a real bass line that harmoniously describes the millions of arpeggios and chords that soar in the ‘air. They play, they have fun and they can do it, Mirabassi and Castaneda, because they love and know their instruments very well.

There are only harp in which Castaneda seems to split into a double-bass duo, Mirabassi’s suns, which are real stories in music. You live for an abundant hour in an almost fantastic sound dimension and yet so terrestrial. Their playing is full of subtleties that the most attentive experts can grasp, but they also have another beneficial.


Unique Place: Full € 18 – Reduced * € 1

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Jazz & Wine

Foyer Del Teatro from 8.00 pm – Tasting aperitif


16 March 2019


21:15 - 23:00


Fano Jazz Network
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Via Mario Tiberini, 3
San Lorenzo in Campo, Italia
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0721 776479

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