Young talents at Fano Jazz by The Sea

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Young talents at Fano Jazz by The Sea

Fano Jazz by The Sea is a home for every new jazz performer and contemporary creative music’s actor. We believe a circular vision of our Festival, in which younger artists can face audience, and audience can open his mind to newer expressive ways.

Reducing spaces of interaction implies reduce communication and comprehension’s chances, both for musicians both for audience, and our Festival is fully aware of this danger.


Through past and present the young ones stay

Past edition of Festival has seen giant names from international panorama, such as Jacob Collier. Pretty angel face, twenty-three years old, Collier can cheat but he doesn’t so good in that. Rather at Fano Collier has shown his multi-instrumentalist talent, although for a little time, because a sudden thunderstorm has caught up his performance.

This year, our program won’t be minor with Gogo Penguin’s gig, the 28th July. Thirty year, from Manchester, the GoGo offer electronic sound mixed up on a classic trio. We suggest you to remember the date.


Young Stage: experimental space, new faces


Young Stage is our Festival’s space fully dedicated to the original, the different, and research of new sound, to the experimental. A little stage for new generation of musicians become a precious chance to introduce new bands and new productions. Young Stage hosts musicians such as Simone Graziano, Giorgio Distante, Roberto Negro, Giovanni Guidi e Federica Michisanti.


Young ones… and younger ones


After past edition’s success, also this time Jazz Village will host the Campus Musicale of Orchestra Mosaico, directed by Jean Gambini: this experience allows the little ones to breath the air of an international Festival and to live music inside an orchestral formation. Forty boys and girls from 6 to 16, only similar for a basic musical skill, together, to create something beautiful before becoming great musicians, or simply, grow up.

Also Aperitivo in Jazz’s space will be strongly characterized for young jazz formations. This is an achievement given by a lot of educational activities on territory, an achievement which tells how jazz language can catch new generation, still today.