Migration and music at Exodus Stage

posted by Guido Landini, In Fano Jazz Network

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Migration and music at Exodus Stage

Pinacoteca San Domenico sets the contemporary tragedy of migration


Without a link between aware differences, like that between European culture and African culture , maybe jazz’d never been born: we believe the Other one is a worth of our identity, about musicians and men.

According to its origin, jazz music is still today a protagonist that must tell the story about great migrations. In a way similar to past edition, we set Exodus Stage “Gli echi della migrazione” in a place full of sense like Pinacoteca San Domenico.

The echoes of migration

Pinacoteca San Domenico’s story is particular, made by travels, wars and works of art. Thank to its large apse, Pinacoteca offers an acoustics rich of echoes and reverbs: the gigs at Exodus Stage becomes a sonar metaphor of those voices lost in sea, voices that we could never listen and music can summon.

For this review, we asked each musician to perform unpublished works.

We start the 23 with Mustafa Aza, born in Erbil (Iraqi Kurdistan) in 1978 in a Kurdish family: his music celebrate love and bravery through traditional songs. Then the 24 we have Mari Kvien Brunvoll, and the 25 Daniele di Bonaventura.

Double date the 26 with Amir Gwirztman from Tel Aviv and then “Anima Mundi sounds and harmonies of voices from the world”: from popular songs to Argentinian tango, from South Africa’s music passing through North Europe and though Balkans, a travel rich of musical tradition that links storytelling, choir and music. In closing, saxophonist Francesco Bearzatti the 27 and vibraphonist Pasquale Mirra the 28.

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