Environmental sustainability and social responsibility are key values of Fano Jazz by The Sea

posted by Guido Landini, In Jazz Festival

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Environmental sustainability and social responsibility are key values of Fano Jazz by The Sea

Fano Jazz by The Sea takes a stand about environment and social themes, making itself a performer and a leader of green culture

Fano Jazz by The Sea does not hide, it takes a stand: make music, make culture, move people, ideas and resources can’t avoid anymore the responsibility of spread universal values and human rights. Tolerance, inclusion, environmental sustainability are coming into jazz’s gene code, as Unesco says, institution that acknowledges this musical genre a World Heritage since 2012.

Like past editions, also this time Festival’s fittings and stages will show eco materials: from green buildings to led, which avoid energetical wastes; from “Fano Jazz Bike the Sea”, a project that improve bike’s use, to official electric car; from food truck that will sell zero kilometre products to free water dispensers and special recycle paper.

In particular, recycling takes a key role: a team of young volunteers are going to collect and distinguish waste with the aid of VolaV collective, in order to transform rubbish into musical instruments. As it happens to blues and jazz, musical genres which future pass through a musical scrap recovery, so Fano Jazz by The Sea takes care of territory and sea.

Not only environment, taking a stand implies also paying attention to contemporary social issues, like immigration’s tragedy: for this theme Festival set up an initiative Exodus “gli echi della Migrazione”. Another social initiative is called Campus Musicale, a project dedicated to young generation and new audiences.

Festival want to create a habitat, where either staff either audience can take part to respect for environment. The aim is to spread music in an educative and inclusive way, sensitizing the audience through Festival’s context, for an impact that is low on environment and high on audience’s habit.


(photo by Andrea Rotili)