Italian Jazz for L’Aquila and the areas hit by the earthquake

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The Italian Jazz and Fano Jazz Network for L’Aquila and the areas hit by the earthquake

The technical staff will take care of organizing some concerts and will bring 1000 euros donated by Michael Nyman

FANO – Also this year Fano Jazz Network returns to help the reconstruction. After joining the first two editions, the technical staff of the association will be present on 2 and 3 September in L’Aquila at the event that has brought in these years the best Italian jazz musicians to perform for free for the earthquake-stricken lands. And this year, besides Aquila, there will be four cities involved in four consecutive days: from 31 August to 3 September: Scheggino (Perugia 31); Camerino (September 1); Amatrice on 2nd and 3rd September in L’Aquila.

More than 700 musicians will be involved from all over Italy, who will play for free for the territories and populations affected by the earthquake. The Italian Jazz for the lands of the earthquake is an event, promoted by MIBACT the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and by the Municipality of L’Aquila-Committee of Forgiveness, supported by SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers), in quality of main sponsor, and organized by I-Jazz Association; MIDJ (Italian Jazz Musicians and Jazz House), and which sees the extraordinary adherence also of the towns of Scheggino, Camerino and Amatrice.

Strongly desired by the Minister Dario Franceschini, the mayors of the four centers involved and the musician and artistic director Paolo Fresu, the initiative will be characterized by an itinerant nature, with a four days of great music that will trace an ideal bridge: the beginning is expected on 31 August in Scheggino, in Piazza Carlo Urbani, from 17:30; the event will then move to Camerino, on September 1, with concerts from 14.30 in the area of ​​the Rocca Borgesca and Amatrice the 2 September in the Piazzale dell’Istituto Alberghiero, from 17, to end September 3 in L’Aquila with 600 artists expected, 100 band in 18 places of the city that will be animated from 11 until late at night. Fano Jazz Network, as a member of the I-Jazz Association, has joined the noble and extraordinary initiative, and will be present as mentioned on 2 and 3 September in the city of L’Aquila with its technical staff.

“We are proud to be there – says the artistic director of Fano Jazz Network, Adriano Pedini – and to be able to contribute this year to this noble extraordinary initiative. But the contribution of Fano Jazz Network to support the earthquake-stricken lands, this year is enriched by a contribution of 1,000 euros which is added to the € 1,200 contribution raised last year for Amatrice. This is part of the opening concert of the 25th edition of the Fano Jazz By The Sea Festival held by Michael Nyman, to whom we owe our thanks for the availability and sensitivity shown “.

The contribution will be aimed at the reconstruction and / or restoration of works of art of the Marche region damaged by the earthquake of 24 August last year. Fano Jazz Network wants to reiterate its concrete closeness to the populations hit by the earthquake, convinced that music, combined with solidarity can contribute to the rebirth of the social and cultural fabric of the affected populations.