NOTICE – The sudden bad weather forced to interrupt the Jacob Collier concert

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The sudden bad weather forced to interrupt the Jacob Collier concert

An unexpected, unexpected and unpredictable meteorological event due to violence and speed (until 9:30 pm all the weather sites did not signal any anomaly), inevitably compromised the concert of the British performer Jacob Collier, scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 25 at the Rocca Malatestiana of Fano, as part of the XXV edition of the Fano Jazz Festival By the Sea.

The meteorological violence was noteworthy, just as the damage suffered by the technical structures and the stage set-ups was immediately revealed. No problem, however, for the safety of the public that, compatibly with the sudden manifestation of the phenomenon of the storm, has flowed in an absolutely orderly manner.

“Like Fano Jazz Network, we had organized the concert by Jacob Collier, like all the others, however, paying attention to every detail and we are very sorry for not being able to do anything against the fury that was unleashed on this concert we particularly wanted” , declares Adriano Pedini, Artistic Director of Fano Jazz By The Sea, «Given the gravity of the meteorological event we believe that nothing serious has happened to those present. And in this regard, we thank the public for the irreproachable behavior in the evacuation of the Malatesta Fortress “.

“We invite the public present at the concert of Jacob Collier to keep the ticket: with this ticket you can pick up another coupon to attend for free one of the upcoming concerts organized by Fano Jazz Network from today until December 31, 2017, compatibly with the available seats» , continues Adriano Pedini.

As for Jacob Collier, the organization of the Festival, after checking the impossibility of postponing the concert in one of the next days, intends to host it again next year: in this regard, contacts have already been initiated with the international management of the artist.

The bad weather has also forced to cancel the concert at the dawn of the pianist Enrico Zanisi, scheduled for this morning at the Amphitheater Rastatt: the event is recovered on the morning of Thursday, July 27, beginning at 5.15.

Fano, 26 July 2017


The ticket holders can use it in the next concerts of the Festival passing at the Teatro della Fortuna box office (piazza XX Settembre, Fano) to be converted into a ticket with that of the concert of interest no later than 19.30. Or in one of the concerts of the events organized by Fano Jazz Network until December 31, 2017 by contacting the organization of Fano Jazz Network


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