The union of citizens is the strength of the Festival

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In questo articolo si parla di: Fano Jazz By The Sea

2013, an edition born from the support of the citizens of Fano

In the previous article we told you about the petition that in 2013 the artistic director of Fano Jazz By The Sea, Adriano Pedini, launched on, to save the festival from the cuts of the municipal administration of Fano. Collecting signatures that has helped ensure the creation of the unforgettable XXI edition of the festival (to find out more, click here).

Let’s go over the presentation of the “miraculous” edition with Sabrina Giovannelli, who on (read the full article) reported what Adriano Pedini and Maria Antonia Cucuzza, then Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Fano, unveiled during the presentation of 18 June 2013.

To celebrate the continuation of a path started 21 years earlier, it was decided to increase the already high artistic level, in a program that could show the height of a festival now become, in the words of the journalist, “a reality established on the territory “, Which” has conquered a position of absolute importance within the framework of the city and regional cultural initiatives, becoming also an important tool for tourism promotion not only at national level “.

A great success for Fano Jazz Network and for the Department of Culture of the City of Fano, supported by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Marche Region, but not only.

The event, sponsored by the Department for Cultural Policies and Valorisation of Historical and Artistic Heritage of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, has found its supporters in numerous sponsors, many of whom are now historic. Among the main companies that helped finance the event, but not only, we remember: Carifano Foundation, Banca Marche, Computer Office, Banca Carifano, Prometeo Energia and Pagine Gialle.

Also important is the commitment of the media partner, Radio Fano, and of the technical sponsors: Hotel Augustus, Caffè Centrale and Consorziati Hotels.

Space to the excitement during the presentation of the XXI edition of Fano Jazz By The Sea. The festival was in fact “dedicated to a recently deceased great friend, Isio Saba, photographer and manager of important international artists, many of whom are also appreciated by the public of the festival “.

An important edition, which came to life with the preview of 17 July 2013 at the Pala J of Marina dei Cesari (Port of Fano), and then focus on the Malatesta Court, the Church of San Francesco for the “second night” concerts and on the premises of Piazza XX Settembre for the inevitable aperitif concerts. The grand finale, however, could only take place “in the splendid setting at the Golena del Furlo”.