The Festival by the sea conquers the public outside the walls

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2015: Fano Jazz By The Sea opens up to new musical nuances

Today we offer the story of the XXIII edition of Fano Jazz By The Sea that Soundlite, magazine of Italian entertainment, published on its website in August 2015 (here the full article).

An edition that has amazed the almost 9000 members of the public, 2211 detached tickets with an average of 352 spectators per concert, which clearly exceeds the national average (200). A reconfirmation of the quality of the event, whose audience, in that edition, turned out to be 70% coming from outside the walls of Fano. The tourist impact of the event is undeniable.

Soundlite defines the 23rd edition of the festival “an exciting journey between tradition and innovation, experimentation and contamination”, which “will surely be one of the best in the whole history of Fano Jazz By The Sea”.

There are three main locations: Rastatt Amphitheater, Corte Sant’Arcangelo and Golena del Furlo, to which is added the novelty of this year, the Gulet “Regina Isabella”, which hosts the first concert on the sea. Also in that year the commercial activities of Fano are not lacking: 18 are the premises of the Historical Center and of the Lungomare where concerts and aperitifs are held.

A festival that extends to include nuances of other musical genres, in the final evening at the Furlo Natural Park, with Matthew Fortunati, voice and guitar, and the Troker, Mexican sextet, who, as Soundlite recounts, “offered a very sound explosive and overwhelming between swing, rock, funk and Mexican rhythms, complete with sound effects produced by a DJ. Also on this occasion the public, very numerous, honored both the artists and the location, and spent a pleasant evening in this hot August “.

Essential for the 2014 edition was the technical support of Music In, the well-known service of the Republic of San Marino, responsible for audio and light editing, and Backstage, a Fano company that provided the necessary facilities. Both have in fact been committed to meeting the needs of the bands, also in terms of musical instruments and sound engineers.

A team effort that has guaranteed the success of the XXIII edition of Fano Jazz By The Sea, which confirms itself able to move “a good number of fans and curious” and shows itself to be, year after year, “decidedly growing”.