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2014: The good intentions of Fano Jazz By The Sea 22 years after the first edition

Space to reviews.

Giovanni Guzzi, on L’Eclettico (LINK), “aperiodic” that aims to do justice to people, initiatives and news that do not receive the attention they deserve from more established media, chooses to review the XXII Fano Jazz By The Sea (here the full review). And it does so starting from the words pronounced by Adriano Pedini at the Teatro della Fortuna, at the end of the festival: “with the 2014 edition of Fano Jazz By The Sea it closes a 22-year cycle”.

This is not a surrender of the Fano Jazz Network staff, but the beginning of a new season of the festival, which will hopefully assume “a central role in the cultural policy of the city of Fano”.

The public is ready to support the project, as it has already done in times of considerable economic difficulties.

This strength, combined with the important result obtained by the communication activity carried out on the web and on social media, bodes well for the future contribution Fano Jazz By The Sea can guarantee “to the culture and the wealth of the community, richness also in strictly economic sense, creating jobs and creating an attraction for tourism with a quality offer “.

This auspice is also joined by Bishop Trasarti, who during the Mass celebrated under the lighthouse during the Sea Festival reiterated the need for imagination and courage, to attract tourists to Fano and inland, thanks to good initiatives that bring together the excellence of the territory for a “common cause”.

Here is the invitation that Fano Jazz Network has long collected, proposing side events including Street Jazz in Town, a festival of concerts in the most evocative views of the city, offered to the locals who have committed themselves to safeguard the festival in times of crisis.

Unforgettable, among them, the performance in jazz manouche style (of gypsy origins), homage to the guitarist and reference point of the musical genre Django Reinhardt, to the ancient basilica of San Paterniano, patron of the city.

However, the diamond is confirmed to be the event with free admission (with guaranteed shuttle service) to the Golena del Furlo.

There are also many collaborations that demonstrate once again the commitment of the territory: on all, the wine tastings D.O.P. at the end of some concerts, offered by the Istituto Marche di Tutela Vini. A thank you also goes to the students of the Lolloo Artistico Apolloni di Fano – Polo Scolastico 3, scene photographers for a day.

Guzzi also emphasizes the importance of the logo: the “trumpet designed by a hawser with orange floats for keys”, the “trademark” that stands out on the city’s posters and which fully reflects this edition (“right in the name of trumpet “), which hosted the two Italian talents Paolo Fresu (opening) and Fabrizio Bosso (in the final concert).

In particular, the latter, whose Fano Jazz By The Sea followed his career step by step, showed his gratitude to the spectators present at the Teatro della Fortuna: “This is a happy island, here the audience does not have to be conquered piece after how it happens elsewhere … here you are immediately! “. During the performance, Bosso surprised the audience, appearing unexpectedly in some stage and crossing the audience among his admirers.

The major element of innovation on stage at the Malatesta Court is instead represented by the Silence project, which combines acoustic sound with electronics, thanks to Danilo Rea, one of the greatest pianists in Europe, Paolo Damiani (composer, conductor and owner of the jazz class at the Conservatory of Rome) and Martux_M at the electronics.

Many tourists “already await to return to the sea in the summer of 2015 for the next edition of Fano Jazz By The Sea”, which certainly will not disappoint their expectations, thanks to the hard work of Adriano Pedini and his collaborators.