Green Jazz Manifesto

Green Jazz Manifesto

Green Jazz, Fano Jazz by the Sea embraces and embarks on the path of eco-sustainability:

  • Sustainable culture – sustainable costs for culture: with a fair commitment to obtain the maximum result in terms of institutional visibility and response to a specific cultural need.
  • Know-how at Km0 – use, development and training of skills (Artistic Direction, General Organization, Communication, Marketing, Found Raising, etc.) drawing exclusively on the forces present in the territory, with a significant saving of economic energies and encouraging the growth of professional figures locals.
  • Cultural ecology – the Green Jazz days will have the task of sensitizing users to ecological themes.

Green Jazz at Jazz Village


The Green commitment to the Jazz Village:

  • The layout of the locations (stages, seats, tables, etc.) will be used with environmentally friendly and / or recycled materials.
  • Bio-construction: eco-friendly urban furnishing elements will be recreated according to the new bio-building concepts. The creation of an entrance portal for the Jazz Village is foreseen, with eco-design structures made of recycled material
  • For lighting the area, the exhibition spaces and event spaces, LED lighting fixtures will be used that allow significant energy savings.
  • Lighting system with low energy consumption – change the installation of the lighting system by reducing the amount of headlights with traditional incandescent lamps, replacing them at 50% with new low-consumption LED technology headlights.
  • Audio systems – For external concerts use new audio systems of the latest generation with low environmental impact.
  • Sustainable mobility – favor the use of bicycles, collective and / or public means, to reach the concert venue; the Festival staff will use bicycles to move between the various locations.
  • Separate waste collection with the installation of special containers. We will organize a group of young ecological volunteers who will collect and differentiate waste.
  • Recycling and reuse of all waste produced for the construction of musical instruments – in collaboration with the Volavelò collective.
  • For the catering will be provided the TruckFood, will be used glasses and crockery in Mater-Bio. Spend km 0: we will consume products from food and fish farms of our territory and organic.
  • We eat organic: we differentiate waste – we do not use plastic – we “tap” water – glasses, cutlery and plates are bio-compostable or glass and ceramic.
    Installation of dispensers with water use of the municipal aqueduct
  • Use of certified ecological paper to print the programs, the festival book, and in general all the printed promotional material.
  • Display of Electric Cars and / or Hybrids
  • “Green Corner”, stands dedicated to partners and sponsors of the Green Jazz projects, to give information on the various awareness campaigns conducted during the festival and to make known the various projects and the subjects involved through informative materials, printed material, videos, etc.
  • conferences / seminars / workshops on the productive valorization of local resources respecting the environment and natural cycles.