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Jazz Club – Lorenzo Tucci Sparkle Trio

Osteria del Caicco – Fano

8 December 2016 @ 21:30

Thursday 8 December 2016, 9.30 pm

Lorenzo Tucci – Sparkle Trio

Jazz Club – Osteria Il Caicco – Fano

Luca Mannutza, piano – Lorenzo Tucci, drums – Luca Fattorini, double bass

Lorenzo Tucci, drummer and jazz player of international fame, for this new trio, of which he is the leader, decides to perform all the “originals” of his composition.

The pieces range from intimate and reflective atmospheres to more complex and articulate rhythms, without losing sight of the importance of the melody, which Tucci in this project wants to exalt.

The trio is very attentive to everything that happens in the international music scene, allowing itself to be influenced by all the various forms and sounds.

Everything blends in a modern / contemporary jazz style, in which both the pianist Luca Mannutza, a highly respected partner from Tucci, and the youngest Luca Fattorini, the new talent of the Italian double bass, are at ease, weaving together the leader with tasteful textures new, lively, modern, giving life to a style of jazz that still has much to say.


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Cell e WhatsApp 388 6464241



8 December 2016




Via Arco D'Augusto, 53
Fano, Italia
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