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Enrico Intra “Prospero l’isola dei suoni”

Teatro Comunale – Cagli

24 May 2017 @ 21:15

Wednesday 24 May 2017, 9.15 pm – Cagli, Teatro Comunale
In collaboration with the Municipal Theater Institution of Cagli, Municipality of Cagli, Department of Heritage and Cultural Activities

Enrico Intra “Prospero the Island of Sounds”

Instant composition inspired by the Storm by William Shakespeare

National Preview

Enrico Intra (Prosprero), piano – Simona Severini (Miranda), voice – Alex Stangoni (Ariel) live electronics – Filippo Porro, Donato De Mita, Liber Dorizzi, performer – Davide Montagna, scenic movements – Hubert Westkemper, sound design

A performance of music sounds singing and scenic actions, to explore the kaleidoscope of emotional climates and the imaginary spaces of the Tempest, in the concentrated time of a live concert. An ad hoc dramaturgy of action, proceeding essentially for evocative situations, dynamic contrasts, dissonances, free associations of images.
The storm, in its vital meaning of atmospheric perturbation, is the sound protagonist of the Shakespearean affair. So it will be from the sound of the storm that the story of Prospero will be told, music as an extemporaneous musical creation: alive, present on the scene. Music that can harmonize with gesture, with words, with images and with silence.

A piano and a “sound machine” will evoke events through the pentagram of musical memory creating a climax that will have the objective of merging with all the scenic elements.



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24 May 2017




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