The Jazz Club destined to change venue!

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Via Arco D’Augusto 53 / B, home for ten years for the Jazz Club… a tormented story…

How much musical and human history has passed in this place in the heart of the City of Fano that we will now call only Via Arco D’Augusto, 53 / B, given the countless changes of name and management; once Vicolo Pub from 1998 to 2001, then Officina 440 from 2004 to 2006, then Osteria del Caicco from 2015 to 2017; how many musicians from all over the world are there; how much audience has benefited from the excellent jazz music and the exclusive atmospheres that were created every Thursday, how much energy, and how much voluntary work, we have spent to keep alive the high quality of the musical proposals.

All this now risks being lost, why? Because at 53 / B of Via Arco d’Augusto there will not be the Osteria del Caicco with the old management, the restaurant changes its name and changes management, management that has not shown any interest in hosting the concerts of the Jazz Club Review.

But this continuous forced nomadism that has, with the neck, characterized the exhibition since its debut, can not and can not in any way affect our firm will to continue a common journey with our beloved audience and to pursue the many noble objectives of the Jazz Club Review, from the enhancement of emerging musicians, to the formation of the public, to conviviality – in the name of good jazz and contemporary creative music.

Stay connected, so soon the new office and the new program!

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