2013: Hands off by Fano Jazz By The Sea!

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Do you remember the petition that helped save Fano Jazz By The Sea a few years ago?

It is the winter of 2013 when, in the midst of preparations for the XXI edition of the Fano Jazz Festival By The Sea, already tested by the various cuts, Adriano Pedini receives a very bad news from the Culture Department: for the festival there is no more certainty of being able to count on the historic contribution of the Administration, the backbone in the organization of the event. This tradition and excellence in Fano culture, the result of commitment, passion, professionalism, seemed to come sadly to the end.

Faced with the possibility of losing this formative, professional, (re) creative opportunity, here are the citizens of Fano reacting firmly, supported by the rest of the Italian and foreign audience of Fano Jazz By The Sea. Over 1500 people have lined up in defense of event, recently appeared among the ten best jazz festivals in Europe recommended by The Sunday Times.

The petition on Change.org

At the petition launched by the Fano Jazz Network staff on Change.org, fans of the event responded positively not only with their signing, but encouraging the administration to renew the financial support to the festival with words of affection and esteem for who has been committed to the project for years.

And so, the hope of Adriano Pedini “that this festival does not die, but that past this moment of difficulty can still further develop as it deserves and as it has shown to do in these twenty years, contributing to the improvement of the standard of life of the whole community “, was realized thanks to the confirmation of the economic support of the administration.

petizione fano jazz
Da un momento difficile sono nate delle conferme, grazie al sostegno del pubblico!


A strong and important signal of the link already then more than consolidated between the public and the festival, that users who have commented on the petition define “undoubtedly the most important musical event ever made in Fano”, “one of the most successful and important cultural events of our province “and” a cultural initiative that distinguishes Fano in the national panorama of musical events “.

There are many references to the benefits that Fano Jazz by the Sea has brought to the city of Fano in this difficult economic period: “This exhibition has always given Fano an image of a refined tourist city and a great luster”.

Reading the various comments (“Thanks to Fano Jazz I met your beautiful city, it was the best visual card Fano could have!”), There seem to be many tourists who consider Fano Jazz By The Sea one of the reasons to choose again Fano for their holidays. The link with the city will be a very important element for the cause, to which tourists have contributed by signing the petition in defense of what they call “a national excellence”, “a beautiful tradition that enriches our holidays in Italy” and that ” has made Fano known in the world “.

Considering how much in recent years the event has grown, we can therefore say loudly that the invitation of Fano (“The culture brings tourism, invest on the beautiful!”), Welcomed by the municipal administration, has paid off!