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THE ITALIAN JAZZ FOR AMATRICE and for the other territories hit by the earthquake

“The Italian Jazz for Amatrice” – Following the tragic events of these days, “Italian Jazz for the Eagle”, initiative supported and promoted for the second consecutive year by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism and realized by I-Jazz Association, together with MIDJ Italian Jazz Musicians and Jazz House, becomes for this edition “The Italian Jazz for Amatrice and for the other territories hit by the earthquake”.

Sunday, September 4, two major events with numerous concerts will characterize the day: in Rome, from morning to late afternoon at the Casa del Jazz, and in the evening in L’Aquila in the square adjacent to the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio. Moreover, most of the 20 stages originally planned in L’Aquila will find hospitality in other Italian cities. In addition to L’Aquila and Rome, concerts are scheduled in Milan, Turin, Naples, Novara, Parma, Catania, Courmayeur, Pisa, Cantalupo in Sabina (RI), Barga, Empoli, Fano, Lecce, Nuoro and S. Anna Arresi. Ancona, Florence, Lampedusa and many other cities that are adding in these hours.

The great jazz marathon, with over 700 artists engaged in about 110 concerts, distributed in the historic center of the capital of Abruzzo, which was held for the first time last year with the presence of about 60,000 people, then moves to Rome and in other Italian cities, to end with a great evening concert in L’Aquila, in front of the Basilica of Collemaggio for security and logistics problems (about 100,000 people were expected for this edition), and out of respect for the populations hit by the tragic earthquake of last week.

A great day of musical solidarity, with the presence of some of the most representative Italian musicians who will perform for free and where a spontaneous contribution of solidarity is expected for the public. Furthermore, a national crowdfunding campaign and a text message will be launched to raise funds for the restoration and reopening of the “Giuseppe Garibaldi” Cinema Theater of Amatrice, a symbol of culture and the rebuilding of the social fabric of one of the historical centers destroyed by the earthquake.

“After the museums it is now the jazz world that is mobilizing for reconstruction. Also on Sunday, solidarity passes through culture “, so the Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Dario Franceschini comments on the # jazz4italy initiative.

The Aquila community – declared the mayor of L’Aquila Massimo Cialente – is literally destroyed by grief over the tragedy that struck the brothers of the Riminese and the territories of Umbria and the Marches. As a sign of mourning, but of real desperation, we canceled all the events related to the great party for the 722th Perdonanza Celestiniana, also deciding to cancel the great jazz marathon, “The Italian Jazz for L’Aquila”, which, already in the first edition, it was one of the rare moments of real joy and rediscovered expectation and desire to make it for all the Aquila and all the Aquila. For this reason, while renouncing, to testify our condolences, to hold the demonstration in L’Aquila, we had asked the generosity of Italian jazz musicians that it had anyway place, no longer for L’Aquila but for Amatrice and the other municipalities affected by the earthquake . All this also in order to start a fundraising that will help to rebuild a symbolic place in the life of a community, such as Amatrice’s cinema theater. Reflecting together, however, and also listening to the Committee of Perdon and especially the mayor of Amatrice, we felt that, in involving 20 Italian squares, it was important that L’Aquila host the main concert, as a sign of solidarity that, by now onwards, will see our territories, united by belonging to the Gran Sasso Monti della Laga Park, overcome our pain and embark on the path of community reconstruction, and renewed development, for the future of our children.

The whole day of Italian Jazz for Amatrice will be followed by Rai TV, Rai Radio channels and also told with a special by Rai Cultura.

On Friday, September 2, the organizing committee (Midj, I-Jazz and Casa del Jazz with the artistic direction of Paolo Fresu) confirms the already planned conferences in the city of L’Aquila: “Jazz, Tourism, Sustainability. Jazz festivals: a resource for the enhancement of the environment and territory and for sustainable tourism “(Palazzo Fibbioni, at 3 pm); and “Art, Culture, Social and Political Thought” (Auditorium del Parco, 17.30). Two meetings involving the participation of representatives of the political, cultural, economic and research world and the involvement of important organizations involved in the defense and valorisation of the territory such as Federparchi, FAI and Unesco Giovani. In synergy with the thought of the Mayor of L’Aquila Massimo Cialente and of the Minister Dario Franceschini, it was considered, in fact, that these meetings were particularly current, also in light of the tragic events of the last days.

On the occasion of these conferences, a grand piano will be donated to the Conservatory Alfredo Casella dell’Aquila, purchased thanks to the generous donations of the crowdfunding campaign “A piano for the Eagle” that has collected and disseminated the project of the three pianos designed by Claudio Filippini Giovanni Guidi and Mirko Signorile. A second piano will be donated by SIAE, the main sponsor of the event and further forms of solidarity are being planned, with particular attention for the new generations through music workshops for preschool children.

The organizing committee promises to be in L’Aquila again, with the original project, in 2017 and 2018 emphasizing the importance of Italian jazz and the need to be close, through music, to those in need.

More and more convinced that solidarity must also pass through culture and the new generations and in the hope that they will not have to live other catastrophes like these. To return to Amatrice, L’Aquila and the other centers, schools, houses, squares and memory.

“Italian Jazz for Amatrice” is realized by I-Jazz Association, together with MIDJ Italian Jazz Musicians and Jazz House. The 2015 edition, called “The Italian Jazz for L’Aquila”, strongly desired by the Minister Franceschini, the Mayor Cialente and Paolo Fresu, thanks to the decisive support of the Siae, has represented the most important jazz event that has ever had the our country, not only for the wide participation of artists and the great success of the public, but for the emotional intensity that accompanied the initiative.

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