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Rome, 21 December 2015 – is born today, the new portal dedicated to the world of Italian jazz. Designed by the I-Jazz association, ItaliaJazz is a project conceived with the aim of promoting the growth of the whole Italian jazz system through the creation of a dynamic network open to operators in the sector. A meeting point between artists, organizers, public, institutions and tour operators who want to strengthen the voice of Italian jazz, nationally and internationally, and become a valuable tool for collaboration and sharing.

The site is designed as a large database that connects all the various ‘actors’ of the jazz world: from structures, intended as organizers, to music schools, Conservatories, public and private institutions, artists, record labels , agencies, etc. An architecture of data and information made available to the Italian jazz system which, in turn, in the coming months will contribute to nurture this extraordinary wealth of contents. “We hope the active collaboration of all the operators – says Gianni Pini, president of I-Jazz, in presenting the portal during the press conference organized at the Casa del Jazz in Rome – We have created the structure and launched an important census on a world in many respects still submerged with strong potential for development and visibility, not only on a national level. We are confident that the growth of the portal will be exponential! ”

The sections are: News, with articles dedicated to events in the foreground, ongoing projects and professional information, section edited by industry experts. In the Activities category a first selection of festivals and shows, jazz clubs, courses, training initiatives and proposals coming from artists and agents is collected. Ample space is reserved for the Calendar, a real agenda of events scheduled throughout the national scene; while in the Artists category are recorded the names of the individual musicians and the bands, orchestras and collectives of belonging. In the section Structures protagonists are the operators of the sector: from organizers to music schools and Conservatories, from agencies to trade associations and publishers. Finally, the Media section, with a first review of magazines, newspapers and blogs dedicated to jazz music.

Currently the database of ItaliaJazz includes: over 1900 artists and 570 bands, orchestras and collectives; more than 280 festivals and exhibitions; about 80 jazz clubs; 700 structures, including organizers, music schools, Conservatories, agencies, musician associations; 900 concerts included in the calendar and over 470 places of entertainment.

All data are geolocated and this will allow to trace maps with routing of artists, view tour routes, identify events in a specific geographical area and also activate many other features. The site is ready to receive and manage millions of records and transactions and feeds on the interaction of industry professionals who will have privileged access to insert events, news, proposals, etc. In a few weeks it will be started the importation of thousands of records of the site managed by producers and record labels of jazz with the creation of an archive of thousands of MP3s that will significantly strengthen the artists’ basin.

“After the success of ‘Italian jazz for L’Aquila’, – says Paolo Fresu – another positive step forward that testifies how much Italian jazz today is more alive and dynamic, in its artistic expressions and in the dense network of reality that represent him. Realities that, throughout the national territory, for some years have been talking for the construction of a common project that is addressed not only to our country. The new ItaliaJazz portal will make our quality music even more international “.


I-Jazz: Born in 2008, the I-Jazz national association gathers some of the best known and followed Italian jazz festivals. The association’s main objective is the diffusion of projects related to jazz: from the exhibitions that take place during the winter in theaters, to the circuits that unite various cities on a regional or provincial basis, to summer festivals based in evocative and prestigious places. The I-Jazz initiative starts from the need to establish a point of reference for activities that in recent years have experienced a significant expansion – both for the potential of artistic creativity and for the public’s attention – but which need to express projects of greater national visibility involving musicians and operators, contributing to the commitment to a music reform truly open to all quality content. I-Jazz collaborates regularly with the Association of Italian Jazz Musicians (MIDJ) and with the Casa del Jazz in Rome.

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