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Verso… il Sud

Teatro Comunale – Cagli

3 febbraio 2017 @ 21:15

Friday 3 February 2017, 9.15 pm – Cagli, Teatro Comunale

In collaboration with the Municipal Theater Institution of Cagli, Municipality of Cagli, Department of Heritage and Cultural Activities

Verso… il Sud – Jazz ‘in Provincia 2017

National Preview

Claudia D ‘Amico, actress – Carmine Ioanna, accordion – Daniele Castellano, guitar – Francesco Savoretti, percussion – Francesco Maiorino, doublebass – Rosa D’Agnese, voice – Claudia D’Amico, direction and lyrics

The show comes from an idea of ​​Claudia D’Amico and Carmine Ioanna, already protagonists in “Anime Migranti”, tells the uses and customs of the people of southern Italy. A glimpse of past life, which is intertwined with modernization, from the role of women, to emigration, passing through the “wedding.” Dramatic traits that alternate with funny sketches, rarefied atmospheres, sometimes ethereal.A story divided into three moments , where the actress Claudia D’amico through her sensibility, catapults the spectator into a distant world, full of traditions, rituals and popular customs, only to return to current events, which is the same as the past if observed from another point of sight Music and speech give life to a dense dialogue, sometimes harsh, but always balanced, where one never prevails over the other.


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3 febbraio 2017



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Piazza Papa Niccolò IV
Cagli, 61043 Italia
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0721 780731
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